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This section is about books. Maybe some reviews, maybe just (dis-)recommendations. As of now, I'm not planning this section to be a complete track of what I read. Just selected highlights.

I mostly read English lately. But still I read some Lithuanian and Russian stuff occasionally. And it happens sometimes that I like what I read. So if something non-English appears on this list, please, bear with me.


Title Author(s) Impressions
Функциональное программирование на языке Haskell Роман Душкин

An exhaustive Haskell book. A little bit too academic, but hey -- Haskell itself is quite a bit of academic. I haven't read all of it yet, only the parts I'm most interested in, about the language itself.

Effective STL Scott Meyers

A particularly enlightening book. I already wrote some of my initial impressions on this book in my news section when I read it, but it is a recommended reading with an exceptional kind of must read.

Programming Pearls Jon Bentley

Another must-read if you seek enlightenment. It's one of those books that I jokingly call books with low ROI: you're done reading them too fast :-). But it's so good, you're OK to start reading it over again.

Fine literature

Title Author(s) Impressions
Sourcery Terry Pratchett

Not the best of the series, so I wouldn't recommend it for those, who haven't bought into Pratchett yet. However, it does its job shedding some light on the structure of Discworld, making it a useful part when looking at the series as a whole.

Soul Music Terry Pratchett

A terrific projection of rock music unto Discworld! Anyone who likes rock, fantasy and good laugh (or any sub-combinations, in any order) should like this one.

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