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Sun Jun 15 14:27:50 2003:
The work was paused and resumed several times since last update :) At this time all the stuff is completely moved to Unix, all the development is being done under Debian GNU/Linux. Well, yesterday I've built it on Windows for the sake of curiosity and I succeeded surprisingly easy.
At the moment I put most of the effort into timing subsystem, Qzma is dealing with performance issues and cross-compiling, Aiste continues with graphics, YvL has quit the team, Obuolys hadn't updated us with the news for quite a long.
That's all for today.

Wed Jan 15 18:44:29 2003:
We're working again! YvL is now messing around with SDL, gets it running and writes GUI "to get comfortable with new API". Maybe when he finishes with GUI he'll even fire up a main window :)
Everything else is still on hold.

Thu Dec 12 12:49:23 2002:
It's so nice that in the Q&A section it's written "we hope beta will be ready by autumn". And isn't written _which_ autumn :) Because it's more than obvious that there isn't any beta version. And there won't be in near future. We're not going to work on it until January at all.
And in January we're going to arrange the great meeting of our team, kick YvL's ass and if he won't show any results during a week, we're moving to libSDL and /fuck DirectX.
Fans, don't worry, we're not abandoning the project :)

Sun Oct 27 10:31:35 2002:
Dammit, i missed the point that gameplay test runs on allegro and to run it one has to have allegro dll. So you can grab allegro dll here.

Thu Oct 24 05:36:28 2002:
At last i got the thing back from the dead. I figured out which source code was the latest (oh, it was something to do), made it compile and fixed a couple of bugs that made the whole thing crash painfuly (looks like the software _really_ rots when you don't look after it). In short, w.r.t screenshots, refer to YvL, b/c i can do nothing until he writes what he has to. And because people need something to see, i uploaded a gameplay test which we've written in spring just to see how does it look like and if game like that is really fun. You can download it here.
I will upload an XM as soon as musicians will decide which of them they do not blush to show for masses.

Thu Sep 19 15:13:27 2002:
Ugh! I'm pissed off by those who ask me about screenshots every week. Like they'd care :/
So the situation is like this. Programmers are officially not working until 1st of October. The reason is that in spring we made troubles for ourselves and now we have to deal with them. Obviously, no screenshots until that time! And maybe a week or two more. Fin.

Fri Aug 30 08:59:05 2002:
Tonight our source code reached 200k and 10000 lines. It already draws something, but still incorrectly, b/c i'm too lasy to write a full .tga file support. But instead of that .zip file support is up and going.
Good night.

Sat Aug 03 03:18:30 2002:
Today we merged our parts with YvL. During the process, we found out that we used to use different versions of MinGW :)
Of course, we had a kick-up on which one is better. As far as he used later version, i had to give up my positions. But that later version lacks some of the utilities i need. While trying to set everything up, i nearly turned my Windows into Unix, but finally the problem was solved by copying 4 files from the old distro to the new one :))
Voblia is finalising his animator. According to him, it almost works.
Aiste is probably painting something, because yesterday she asked me to bring her drawing-pad back to her.
Obuolys got out of sight. But he still composes. I've got an idea to upload some XM instead of screenshots, so maybe we'll do that in few days.
All in all, WE'RE WORKING :))

Tue Jul 30 04:03:12 2002:
Humm. Uploaded the site. Feedback welcome -- any notes on contents of this site, misstypes, or whatever you have to say -- go for it and mail me. The rest is OK. We're still working :)

Tue Jul 16 23:19:25 2002:
I became bored explaining people who we are, what we do and what does arcade/logic means. So i decided to hack this little site and fill it with basic information: team, screenshots (not yet), game description and news.
So here are the news:

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