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The Krotas:

As far as i'm way too lazy to think further, the rest of this scribble is a plain Q&A :-)

Q: What is the genre of the game?
A: Arcade/logic.

Q: What a hell is Arcade/logic?
A: Arcade/logic is a mixture of these two genres. Too fast and too dumb to be a true logic, and too slow to be true arcade. The best known title of this genre is Tetris.

Q: So you write Tetris?
A: No.

Q: 2d or 3d?
A: 2d.

Q: What about semblance?
A: Great.

Q: OK. Now seriously?
A: Whaddaya want from me? Stupid question gets stupid answer: Great.

Q: When are you going to release?
A: We hope beta will be ready by autumn.

Q: Why is your site's design so poor?
A: I'm sorry, but I'm a beginner at HTML *cough* programming, that's why our site's design is so poor :))))
Because we don't fuckin need it! Yes, you should go fuck urself if you don't like it.

Q: Which language do you program in?
A: C and C++.

Q: Which compiler?
A: Their names are ANSI C and ISO C++. What's the damn difference?!.
MinGW32 ( and GCC ( if you want it so eagerly.

Q: What platform will it run on?
A: Win32. Maybe we'll release a Linux port some time later.

Q: What are the wardware requirements?
A: Minimal. We're aiming p133, 8RAM and 2M VRAM. However, more realistic numbers are p233, 16RAM and 4M VRAM. Graphics accelerator is not required, but I think it will be used if available. How much space on the hard drive will be taken depends on how good compression we will achieve. The distribution must not exceed 10M, so after unpacking it should take at least 20 Megs.

Q: What is the target audience?
A: Mostly children. We're doing our best to get it interesting for adults too. No covert sense :-P

Q: Who will publish your game?
A: Dexterity software ( Well, at least we hope so :-)

Q: Who's your leader?
A: There isn't one. We have democratic anarchy here :-)

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