Dyrki project
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The "Dyrki" project

This was a project we (see the authors list for who’s “we”) took to replace practice work for the data structures and algorithms course. The point of project was to implement several popular, and, if possible, original image scaling algorithms and to test their applicability, performance and stuff. We ended up with 13 (!) algorithms, portable core application that runs on all unixes (only few flavours of Linux tested) and all brands of Win32 (Win98, Win2k and WinXP tested). Should also run on BeOS, Mac OS and other systems, but hadn’t time to test it.

Here you can find a README file, a source distribution (download) and a binary distribution for Win32 platform (download).
The latest doxygen documentation for the project may be downloaded here.

We are pretty lazy, so v1.0.1 is not released yet :) But I put a source code dump (compiles well).
The pluggable factory design pattern is back and running; some cleanups in GUI code, few bugfixes and small changes. The major change from v1.0.0 to v1.0.1 should come with final release -- a huge improvement to the preview window.

As you can guess, 13 algorithms, 5 people, overnight coding, lots of caffeine and good mood can create very exciting images to look at. In January, 2003 we are going to put on the net all those interesting images generated by bugs in algorithms. Come back here later, i'll put a link here.
Errr.. It's May 25 now and we still don't have those pictures on the net :) This time the laziness has nothing to do with it. Long story :) I hope the images theirselves aren't lost yet on the heaps of YvL's hard drive and we'll be able to show them to the public :)

BTW, interesting fact about this project is that the source code for it is 7000 lines (one of my biggest projects to be honest :).

People involved into this project:

Sun May 25 15:12:48 CET 2003