Projects of Vytautas Shaltenis

Projects of Vytautas Shaltenis

(or where have I been involved)

Here you can find a (never complete) list of projects I’ve been involved into. Some of them have their homepages, some not. Some are just mentioned, without any description. That is because I don’t have too much time (nor will) to spend on the details and so only those that are really worth looking at get some time dedicated to them.

In this list you will find names of the projects (in roughly counter-chronological order) and a brief description of each. If the name of the project is not a link to some more thorough description, then it is unavailable. You can always contact me and ask for more info, of course (look at the main page for the contact info). Here we go.


– This is a tiny Unix-like operating system that I’m working on in my spare time. It’s meant to be self-educational. It targets RISC-V processors, works on Qemu as well as several physical Single-Board Computers. It’s not meant to be compatible with anything, but happens to mostly mimic what Unix does. Follow the above link to find out more on the project’s README.


– “Y U NO SI” is a Chrome extension to find and convert imperial units to metric right there in the web page you’re browsing. It started off as a joke release for programmer’s day of 2014, but now seems to be actually usable.


– I run my blog on my own software. I wanted to write some web app in Go and my blog was on a dying platform, so it was a natural choice and I don’t regret it. Yet :-)

Android app for Mėnuo Juodaragis festival

– I have written and maintain an Android application for the visitors of the festival. This is a convenience app helping visitors of a weekend-long open air festival to survive and find their ways around the place.

The visual side of the project was done by my friend Benas Plentas.

The source code for it can be found here.

Oh, and if you don’t know this festival, you should find out ;-)

Lithuanian translation of Wesnoth

Wesnoth is a turn based strategy game with role playing elements. I am a part of the team translating this game into Lithuanian.


– Candy: Commanders Are Not Dead Yet. This is my thought experiment expressed in code, which I use to try out different features that I have long missed in the world of commanders.


– VimDoxSpell: Vim + Doxygen + spell checker. A tutorial and example and code to make these three things happen together.


– A project for university. Instead of doing practice for data structures and algorithms course, my friends decided to write a research program to test different methods for image scaling. I got involved the same day. So happened that I was appointed to write and maintain the core of application and to test the DDA algorithm. At the time of writing the project is about to be finished and by now we’re not planning to continue it in any sense.

Dave Gnukem

– I spotted this project in early 2002 or even earlier. When I visited its homepage in the autumn of 2002, I found it abandoned and considered it interesting to take it over. After an email conversation with then-active maintainer David Joffe, we finished up with idea to keep project alive with me helping and him still being the maintainer. After a short period of time spent working on it, circumstances made me make a huge pause on contributing to the project and I stopped working on it, although it is a pity that such a project has apparently reached its death.

UPD: in June 2017 I got a very pleasantly surprising email from David Joffe, letting me know that he got back to the project and intends to bring it to “version 1” quality. The source code is here: The readme has plenty of interesting links, including some live coding videos.


– An excellent event similar to IndieGameJam.


– An attempt to build a 3d game engine that obviously failed :-). However, I have learnt a lot while doing it.


– My very first attempt to write a game. It was a Wolfenstein-3d clone with one map, 1.5 monster, uncountable number of bugs and lots of fun while making it. I will definitely write more about it some time later, but I need a special mood for diving back to MeSsy-DOS times to do it, so not tonight :-).