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Programming, Game Development and Stuff

Here you can find my writings and rants on different things that I feel competent enough to publish. “Feel competent” doesn’t mean “am competent”, though, so if you disagree, please let me know.

An ancient article on game development. It is a little guide for wannabee game programmers that don’t have a clue what it is, but do want to start doing something.

Programming languages is my attempt to shed some light on a plentitude of programming languages. It is an essay inspired by and written for Lithuanian game development community, hence it is in Lithuanian.

Here goes a triplet of forum posts that grew into something that might be called a miniseries of articles. Again, it is for our beloved Lithuanian newbies, thus it’s in Lithuanian. Below are the links with short descriptions. In my opinion, the articles should be read in the order they are listed.

  1. C/C++ Translation stages - A brief user-level introduction to the world of code translation. Roughly lists the stages through which the source code passes before it becomes an executable.
  2. Declarations and Definitions - A thorough explanation of what is declaration and what is definition, how do they look, how to write them and how to distinguish them. Basically, it is aimed at avoiding linker errors, but with deep background.
  3. Include Guards - While writing about declarations and definitions, I thought it must be a good idea to describe include guards, since they’re also related to declarations and definitions, only about types, not variables. So I did it.

My thoughts on Haskell.

This one is not mine, I only translated it, but lacking a better place to put the link, here goes Hacker HOWTO Lithuanian translation. The original can be found here.